What’s it all about?

Meta Ed Tech Journal is not a journal in the conventional sense, but rather an aggregated, or meta-journal. It operates by selecting articles that have been published under open access licences (usually Creative Commons) in other, proper, open access journals. These are gathered together with a commentary, to create a new mix of a journal. We aim to publish three times a year, with special editions in the mix also.

This should be viewed as an experiment in open access publishing by compiling and filtering contributions from other publications.

Policy on Open Access

The list of open access journals is drawn from this open document compiled by George Veletsianos. If you know an open access journal that isn’t listed, please add it. Only journals that operate a peer-review system of some form and are recognised as official publication routes are considered.

Only articles from fully open access journals are considered, so we do not include journals that allow self-archiving but are closed, or ones that operate an embargo for a set period. If we can link to the article in the original journal, then it is open for inclusion.

Who decides what gets included?

So far, this is at the editor’s choice, and that is Martin Weller of the Open University (although this is no affiliated with the Open University). Articles are taken from a range of journals and are hopefully of interest to the general ed tech audience. As all articles have already been peer-reviewed and published, the main criteria is one of ‘interestingness’.

If you want to become an editor, let me know (tweet me at mweller). Particularly if you wish to create a meta-journal special edition around a specific topic, drawing from open access journals.

Is it fair?

All articles are linked back to their originating site, with full reference, so I hope so. The aim is not to try and claim publication of the original, but to provide an additional audience and outlet. However, if you are an author or journal editor of one of the articles included and want it removed, I am happy to do so.

Does it count as a publication?

No. It must have been published in a recognised journal previously to be considered here. Do not submit articles direct to this journal (because it isn’t really a journal).


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