Volume 1, Issue 1 – December 2011

Volume 1, Issue 1 – December 2011

Article 1: Alan Lawler – LMS transitioning to Moodle: A surprising case of successful, emergent change management

Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 2011, 27(7), 1111-1123

Article 2: David Barlex – Dear Minister, This is why design and technology is a very important subject in the school curriculum

Design and Technology Education: an International Journal, 16(3)

Article 3:  Rory McGreal, Nian-Shing Chen –  A Comparison of an Open Access University Press with Traditional Presses

Journal of Educational Technology & Society 14 (3), 231–239

Article 4: Chris Garbett – Activity-Based Costing Models for Alternative Modes of Delivering On-Line Courses

EURODL 2011/11

Article 5: Deanna Klein Why Learners Choose Plagiarism: A Review of Literature

Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects Volume 7, 2011

Article 6: Lotte M. Willemsen, Peter C. Neijens, Fred Bronner, Jan A. de Ridder  – “Highly Recommended!” The Content Characteristics and Perceived Usefulness of Online Consumer Reviews

Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication Volume 17, Issue 1, pages 19–38, October 2011

Article 7: Hilde Patron & Salvador Lopez – Student Effort, Consistency, and Online Performance

The Journal of Educators Online, Volume 8, Number 2, July 2011

Article 8: Rita Kop, Hélène Fournier and John Sui Fai Mak – A Pedagogy of Abundance or a Pedagogy to Support Human Beings? Participant Support on Massive Open Online Courses

IRRODL Vol 12, No 7 (2011)


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